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Nuestros productos son tan diversos como las necesidades de nuestros clientes: pilas Primary o recargables, soluciones de almacenamiento de energía para el hogar o luces para exteriores, camping, deportes o juegos... VARTA le proporciona la energía que necesita para ganar independencia en su día a día.


05. junio 2022
VARTA AG publishes new sustainability report

In the current sustainability report, the technology company presents its company-wide sustainability strategy and agenda.

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11. noviembre 2021
VARTA AG remains committed to adjusted EBITDA margin of 30 percent

• Despite the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the business of some customers, adjusted EBITDA rose to € 182.5 million in the first nine months of 2021 and is thus around 3% above the previous year.

• The new revenue target for 2021 is around € 900…

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28. octubre 2021
At eye level with darkness – VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports Head Lights

Many people are discovering that the best way to refresh themselves from the stress and strain of daily life is to spend time alone in nature. After dark, a head light provides the necessary orientation for jogging, walking in the woods or camping.…

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