Always in the right light: VARTA presents two new luminaires with motion sensor

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Variable lights that can be integrated either indoors or outdoors in the home are extremely useful: either to illuminate poorly lit corners in the living space or to navigate safely through the garden in the dark. With the new Motion Sensor Lights, VARTA presents flexible lighting solutions with motion sensors that are simple and modular to install. The Motion Sensor Slim Light and Motion Sensor Outdoor Light are available now.

Finally having a full overview of the pantry, being able to see all the way from the terrace to the garden gate or simply a small cone of light that highlights a piece of furniture - the right light makes all the difference. It is important that the light in question is practical and offers functions that suit the area of application. The new Motion Sensor lights from VARTA cover both: the Motion Sensor Slim Light is ideal for indoors and the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light for outdoors.

Discreetly bright

The Motion Sensor Slim Light has a particularly slim profile. With an overall width of just four centimetres, the light can be installed practically anywhere. Whether as a light spot in the kitchen, wardrobes or in corners of the living area that are not properly illuminated by ceiling lights. The Motion Sensor Slim Light with its aluminum housing is not only of high quality, but also elegant and timeless in design. Powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB type C, the Motion Sensor Slim Light illuminates continuously for up to three and a half hours with a luminosity of 80 lumens. If the automatic light function is activated by a motion sensor, the Motion Sensor Slim Light will even provide light* for up to four months before it needs to be recharged.  The motion sensor on the front of the light registers movement up to a distance of three metres and within a radius of 120 degrees. If no movement is detected after 20 seconds, the light switches off automatically, providing light only when it is really needed. If a longer lighting period is required, an unobtrusive switch on the underside of the luminaire can be used to switch between motion detection and constant light. The compact light can be attached using either two magnetic clips or adhesive strips, both of which are included in the scope of delivery, as well as a USB Type C charging cable. Especially the attachment via magnetic clips makes the Slim Light a reliable, mobile light source when needed.

Safely illuminated

For use in outdoor areas of all kinds, the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is the best choice - especially for illuminating important paths in the dark. Thanks to its IP44 certification, the light is protected against splashing water and the ingress of dust, which is essential for an outdoor light. In addition, the luminaire is also robust enough to survive a fall from a height of two metres. As the light is also powered by three equipped AAA batteries, it can be positioned almost anywhere, independent of electrical connections, and is ready for use after just a few seconds.

There are three options for mounting the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light: The luminaire can be hung on a screw via a corresponding recess on the back, integrated magnets provide the necessary hold on metallic surfaces, and the supplied adhesive strip on wood or plastic. The lighting of the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light can also be controlled via a switch on the underside, offering two brightness levels: The surroundings can be illuminated with the full power of 40 lumens or sparingly with only 8 lumens. Depending on the light mode, the runtime is 12 or 60 hours in continuous operation. Here, too, the integrated motion sensor with a detection distance of 3 metres and an angle of 120 degrees provides reliable, automatic illumination. In terms of design, the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is deliberately unobtrusive in order to blend in as discreetly as possible with its surroundings. The white light element is surrounded by a subtle grey in the lower third of the front and on the entire back.

The new motion sensors lights from VARTA make it possible to create a completely new atmosphere at home in the twinkling of an eye, both indoors and outdoors. The Motion Sensor Slim Light is now available in stores for €19.99 RRP, the Motion Sensor Outdoor Light for €12.99 RRP or €29.99 RRP as a double pack.
* Lasts up to 125 days if light is used five times a day for 20 seconds.

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