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Responsibility for people and the environment

Sustainable, social, ecological and economic actions have always been inseparably linked to the company culture that VARTA has practiced and cultivated for more than 130 years. In this way have we been able to become what we are today: an innovation leader in important growth markets of lithium-ion technology, market leader in hearing aid batteries, and market leader in primary batteries for retail consumers, with approximately 1.5 billion alkaline batteries manufactured each year.

As a technology leader and supplier of innovative high-quality products, we are keenly aware of our responsibility for people and the environment. With our commitment to Germany as a production location and with our plants in Ellwangen, Dischingen and Nördlingen, we focus on environmentally friendly and resource-saving production, the quality and safety of our products, on motivating and supporting our employees, and on our social commitment – united under the umbrella of “VARTA Helps.”

Environment & Resources

At VARTA, environmental protection is an integral part of corporate goals

Responsibility for the environment is manifested throughout the entire life cycle of our products. We place uncompromising demands on environmentally friendly development and manufacture and require our products to be safe and have a long service life, whereby sustainable disposal represents a key factor. Thanks to pioneering technologies, we can reduce any long-term impact on the environment, or even completely avoid it. With our own environmental protection guidelines, we set higher standards than those specified by legal regulations.

Information on the Battery Act (BattG)

In connection with the distribution of batteries and accumulators and with the delivery of devices containing batteries or accumulators we are obliged to inform you of the following in accordance with the official battery regulations:

  • Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste
  • You are legally obliged to return used batteries
  • You can return batteries free of charge after use to the point of sale (or e.g. to municipal collection points or retailers)

Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out waste bin, as shown in the illustration of our batteries. The full legal text of the Battery Act (BattG) can be found on the website www.batteriegesetz.de.

Please help to protect nature and save valuable resources. Therefore, hand in your used batteries for disposal at the many collection points.

Sustainable – for an intact environment

Only with sustainable concepts for ecologically safe production and environmentally compatible products can the growing need of society for an intact environment be fulfilled. A major contribution to sustainability is made by VARTA products due to their innovative technological structural features, design, environmentally compatible use of materials, and efficient, virtually total recyclability. Our certified environmental management system ensures compliance with highly stringent in-house guidelines at every process step.

Environmentally compatible products

We assess possible environmental impacts of our products during product development over the entire life cycle; We strive to conserve resources through economical material use, recyclability and reusability.

Competence and protection of employees

Through information, qualification and incentives the sense of responsibility of all employees for environmental protection is regularly promoted and expanded.

Environmentally friendly production

In production, our focus is on advanced technologies with integrated environmental protection procedures, saving resources and reducing emissions.

Trustworthy partnership

We are working with the supplier industry to follow equivalent environmental guidelines. Cooperation with qualified waste disposal companies until final disposal of the waste is a key obligation for us.

Energy efficiency

We pay attention to the consumption-optimized use of energy and resources in all research and development activities as well as in production.

Reduction of specific energy consumption

We strive to continually reduce specific energy consumption and increase energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process.


Our management ensures that the necessary financial and structural prerequisites for resource conservation are met.

Employee participation

All employees are included in the implementation and execution of the energy management system.

Energy impact

The energy effects of our production processes are examined, assessed and, if necessary, optimized. The focus is on energy efficiency in the development and acquisition of new production plants. The use of new technologies in the production and processing of our products ensures that the energy is used efficiently.