The shortcut to a full charge: VARTA presents modern Speed Charger and new data & charging cables

The need for high-quality, high-performance charging solutions for both at home and on the move increases with every new smart everyday companion. Laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or even mobile game consoles all want to be supplied with energy. With new charging cables and the Speed Charger, VARTA now offers the perfect accessories. Both gadget lovers and occasional users will find the right product for power supply at home or on the go.

Unpacking a new smart gadget gives almost everyone a certain tingle in the stomach and a sometimes smaller and sometimes bigger "aha moment". However, the joy is usually dampened by a glance at the accessories included in the scope of delivery: either the charging cable and/or charger are completely missing or their quality is far from that of the product they are supposed to supply with energy. Yet a high-quality cable is essential for data transfer, but especially for the charging process of technical devices. With its new cable portfolio, VARTA is already responding to the EU regulation that will apply uniformly from 2024, which establishes USB Type C as the market standard for all electronic devices. Thanks to their two meter cable length, the new Charge & Sync charging cables also bridge greater distances between the socket and the end device and are available in three versions: USB A to USB Type C, USB Type C to USB Type C and a 3-in-1 solution USB A to Micro USB including adapters for Lightning and USB Type C.  To ensure durability and stability as well as good charging and transfer performance, the cable is sheathed in robust nylon for all product variants and the connectors are made of aluminum. The colours of the cables are black and silver, so they blend in perfectly with any environment.

The 3in1 Charge & Sync cable from VARTA is the perfect solution for conveniently charging any current device with just one cable when needed. In addition to the new USB Type C standard, it also offers a powerful option for devices that still rely on other connections, such as Bluetooth speakers with a Micro USB connection, or the iPhone, which is charged via a Lightning connection. This makes it the ideal tool for travel or in everyday life. With Micro USB as the basic connection of the cable, to which Lightning (MFI certified) and USB Type C can be connected via an adapter, the cable delivers up to 12 watts of charging power.  Those who appreciate significantly more power when charging devices and transferring data via USB Type C will reach for the other two variants of the Charge & Sync series. With a data transfer speed of 5 Gbit per second and a charging power of 60 watts, the USB A to USB Type C cable delivers performance at a very high level. This means that not only smartphones and controllers, but also more sophisticated devices such as laptops can be supplied with power quickly and easily. However, the spearhead of the charging and data transfer cables in the VARTA Consumer Batteries portfolio is the USB Type C to USB Type C cable: with up to 100 watts of charging power and 10 Gbit per second data transfer, it meets the needs of even the most demanding users and also supplies devices with the highest energy requirements.

Fast charging in style with the new Speed Charger

To provide a powerful power supply via the socket, VARTA Consumer Batteries is expanding its range of powerful charging solutions with the Speed Charger. The Speed Charger is also in plain white with the VARTA logo embossed on the side and fits into any interior design concept thanks to its unobtrusive design language. The socket is angled, giving the Speed Charger a memorable recognition feature when plugged in. The Speed Charger is also technically on a par with the current market standard. Thanks to the use of the eponymous, innovative semiconductor material gallium nitride, GaN technology enables a significantly more compact design of the components inside and at the same time drastically reduces heat generation during the charging process. The Speed Charger offers a USB Type C connection as well as a USB A connection, which are PD- and QC-capable respectively. The output power of 20 watts (USB Type C) or 18 watts (USB A) provides a reliable and rapid energy boost, for example when charging mobile devices. A special feature is that the Speed Charger provides the combined power of 38 watts without any loss of power at the respective port, even if two devices have to be charged at the same time. This makes the charger's field of application as versatile as its user's needs: whether in the office, while travelling or in the living room at home.

The new VARTA charging solutions are the ideal accessories for every charging need. The Charge & Sync charging cables are available in stores for €16.99 (3 in 1), €11.99 (USB A/USB Type C) and €14.99 (USB Type C/USB Type C), the Speed Charger for €17.99.

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