Sustainability can be this attractive: The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA

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The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA were developed from scratch and are now even more sustainable: their housing consists of 75% recycled material. At the same time, they offer high charging performance and an attractive, modern design. Thanks to the latest USB Type C connection, batteries can be charged quickly and effectively within one hour. The Eco Charger Pro and the Eco Charger Multi are available in stores now.

Electronic devices continue to be an integral part of daily life. On average, every European household has about 24 battery-powered devices* that need a constant supply of electricity. The use of rechargeable batteries is ideal, especially for devices with high power consumption such as toys. VARTA's "Recharge Accu Recycled" rechargeable batteries even contain 21% recycled materials and are thus even more sustainable than a rechargeable battery per se. The long-established company from Ellwangen goes even one step further: in order to quickly bring batteries back to full capacity and at the same time minimise its own ecological footprint in everyday life, VARTA introduces the new Eco Charger Recycled models, a new, sustainable charger line that also relies on recycled material.

Improved quality and modern design - but sustainable

The new development of the Eco Charger concept is already recognisable from the design. At first glance, it is not obvious that the housing of the Eco Charger is made of 75% recycled materials: No compromises were made in the high-quality design with its top in light, friendly grey and the back in rich green, which underlines the sustainability idea of the product line, just as in the quality. The production of the case is a complex process in which plastic from old water containers or technical devices such as televisions is recycled and reused. The result of this process are sustainable chargers that offer the familiar, high-quality material feel of a VARTA product in the hand.

As the name suggests, the Eco Charger Recycled Range from VARTA is a sustainable charging solution for rechargeable batteries in sizes AA and AAA. The Eco Charger Pro charges up to four rechargeable batteries simultaneously, which is particularly attractive for households with average energy consumption. The Eco Charger Multi is ideal for households with high battery usage, such as families, and offers up to eight batteries a charging place in parallel.

Uncompromisingly safe

During the charging process, a green LED under the charging bays provides information about whether the cells should be charged, are fully charged or whether there is a defect. Both Eco Charger models use the current USB Type C charging standard as the power source, which ensures more flexibility and high charging performance in everyday use. This optimises the charging current and, for example, AA batteries with 1600 mAh capacity are fully charged within one hour. As a brand manufacturer, VARTA relies on the highest safety standards, as with all its products. VARTA's Advanced Safety Technology also ensures a clear conscience with the Eco Chargers during every charging process. Protective mechanisms such as a safety shutdown, the detection of incorrectly inserted cells or short-circuit protection make the charging process as safe as it is sustainable.

Tailored to the needs of the end consumer, the chargers are available in different delivery scopes. The Eco Charger Pro is available for 24.99 € RRP without garnishing, or equipped with 4x AAA 800 mAh or 4x AA2100 mAh for 32.99 € RRP. The Eco Charger Multi is available for 36.99 € RRP without garnishing, or equipped with 8x AA 2100 mAh for 49.99 € RRP. The chargers come in plastic-free packaging and are equipped with VARTA's Recharge Accu Recycled in the garnished versions, which also consist of 21% recycled materials. VARTA thus offers a holistic concept for maximum sustainability.


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