我们的产品和客户需求一样多样化:无论是一次性电池还是充电电池,无论是家用储能解决方案,还是户外、露营、运动和游戏用照明——VARTA 总能为您的日常生活提供能量,使其更加独立。


07. 五月 2024
Because empty is not always empty: the new battery tester from VARTA

Every year, many tonnes of half-full batteries are disposed of: on average, only around 50% of all batteries disposed of have actually reached the end of their useful life. In order to make a decisive contribution to minimising this alarmingly high…

02. 五月 2024
Brings light into the dark at all times: The Dynamo Lantern L10RH

A lantern that works under all circumstances, even without a power connection: this is the dream of every outdoor adventurer or home and garden owner. With the new Dynamo Lantern L10RH, VARTA presents a reliable, compact outdoor lantern that can not…

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11. 十二月 2023
EU Commission honours VARTA with Product Safety Award Gold

VARTA Power Banks take first place in the "Large Companies" category / Comprehensive safety features as reasons for the award