我们的产品和客户需求一样多样化:无论是一次性电池还是充电电池,无论是家用储能解决方案,还是户外、露营、运动和游戏用照明——VARTA 总能为您的日常生活提供能量,使其更加独立。


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12. 九月 2023
Always in the right light: VARTA presents two new luminaires with motion sensor

Variable lights that can be integrated either indoors or outdoors in the home are extremely useful: either to illuminate poorly lit corners in the living space or to navigate safely through the garden in the dark. With the new Motion Sensor Lights,…

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05. 九月 2023
Sustainability can be this attractive: The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA

The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA were developed from scratch and are now even more sustainable: their housing consists of 75% recycled material. At the same time, they offer high charging performance and an attractive, modern design. Thanks…

01. 九月 2023
Small helpers with a big effect - VARTA expands its range to include hearing aid batteries

VARTA is expanding its range for end consumers: It now includes hearing aid batteries to also help people with hearing problems. The new VARTA hearing aid batteries will be available in stores from September.