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As a result of the cyberattack on our company, our availability via landline is currently still limited in some areas. Your emails are reaching us again and we are currently working through any backlog that may still exist. Should there be any delays, we ask for your patience.

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无论是罗尔德·阿蒙森的北极探险之旅,还是与尼尔·阿姆斯特朗一起登上月球——130 多年来,VARTA 始终用激情、可靠和能量不断将未来变为现实。今天,VARTA 针对面向未来的能源解决方案提供广泛的产品组合。从微型电池、家用电池到定制化锂离子电池,再到家用和工业储能系统。