Special Batteries

Special Batteries

The comprehensive high-quality assortment.

Premium special batteries
for every energy need

VARTA offers the most comprehensive premium range of lithium button and round cells, alkaline special batteries and silver-oxide watch batteries on the market. The primary batteries are particularly suitable for energy requirements in everyday applications such as car keys, scales and watches. They also supply various smart home applications and many other modern small electrical devices with constant and reliable energy.

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Lithium Coin

The premium VARTA Lithium coin cells designed to provide reliable power for small electronic devices. Batteries delivering highest performance for pulse and continuous discharge applications. All VARTA Lithium button cells are child proof packed and meet the highest safety standards. Perfect for various basic & smart applications like key fobs, remote controls, scales, smart home devices and many more small electronic devices. Best quality and duration guaranteed.

Lithium Cylindrical

VARTA Lithium Cylindrical are professional lithium round cells with long-lasting, supreme performance. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures while delivering quick and reliable energy supply. Perfectly suitable for today's modern life and for the use in Smart Home & Smart Security devices, ideal for cameras, photo flashes and flashlights.

Alkaline Special

The VARTA Alkaline Special batteries includes premium, mercury-free alkaline batteries of special formats, which are ideal for electronic devices requiring a sustained energy supply. Perfect to power your daily energy demand in applications like toys, medical devices, calculators, remote controls and many more small electronic devices. Best quality and duration guaranteed.

Silver Coin

The VARTA Silver Coin cells are well known as watch batteries. The wide variety of battery sizes delivering reliable, long-lasting energy and meeting highest quality and performance demands. Constant energy supply, withstands shock, vibration and acceleration, the cells are mercury-free and suitable for a broad scope of watches, toys, calculators, remote controls and other small electronic devices.


The VARTA Energy Lithium coin cells are suitable for standard electronic devices. These button cells of the basic-line delivering reliable energy and offering a good value for money.