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Nos produits sont aussi divers que les demandes de nos clients : Qu'il s'agisse de piles primaires ou de batteries rechargeables, de solutions d'accumulation d'énergie pour la maison ou d'éclairages pour l'extérieur, le camping, les sports et les jeux, VARTA vous fournit la bonne énergie pour plus d'indépendance au quotidien.


07. mai 2024
Because empty is not always empty: the new battery tester from VARTA

Every year, many tonnes of half-full batteries are disposed of: on average, only around 50% of all batteries disposed of have actually reached the end of their useful life. In order to make a decisive contribution to minimising this alarmingly high…

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02. mai 2024
Brings light into the dark at all times: The Dynamo Lantern L10RH

A lantern that works under all circumstances, even without a power connection: this is the dream of every outdoor adventurer or home and garden owner. With the new Dynamo Lantern L10RH, VARTA presents a reliable, compact outdoor lantern that can not…

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11. décembre 2023
EU Commission honours VARTA with Product Safety Award Gold

VARTA Power Banks take first place in the "Large Companies" category / Comprehensive safety features as reasons for the award

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