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Nos produits sont aussi divers que les demandes de nos clients : Qu'il s'agisse de piles primaires ou de batteries rechargeables, de solutions d'accumulation d'énergie pour la maison ou d'éclairages pour l'extérieur, le camping, les sports et les jeux, VARTA vous fournit la bonne énergie pour plus d'indépendance au quotidien.


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12. septembre 2023
Always in the right light: VARTA presents two new luminaires with motion sensor

Variable lights that can be integrated either indoors or outdoors in the home are extremely useful: either to illuminate poorly lit corners in the living space or to navigate safely through the garden in the dark. With the new Motion Sensor Lights,…

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05. septembre 2023
Sustainability can be this attractive: The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA

The new Eco Chargers Recycled from VARTA were developed from scratch and are now even more sustainable: their housing consists of 75% recycled material. At the same time, they offer high charging performance and an attractive, modern design. Thanks…

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01. septembre 2023
Small helpers with a big effect - VARTA expands its range to include hearing aid batteries

VARTA is expanding its range for end consumers: It now includes hearing aid batteries to also help people with hearing problems. The new VARTA hearing aid batteries will be available in stores from September.

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