Empowering Independence in Smart Metering

Empowering Independence in Smart Metering

For a life in a connected world empowered by VARTA

Technological change enables us new ways of life. IoT revolutionises our day by globally networked devices such as Smart Home and Smart Metering devices.

The connection between networked smart meters and two-way-communication simplify daily situations.

Those applications require a reliable energy supply. VARTA empowers independence in this field and sets new benchmarks.

Key features and benefits

✔ Premium energy

✔ High-level safe products

✔ UL recognition

✔ Top performance with wide temperature range

✔ Superior shelf life and operational life

✔ High energy density

✔ Low self discharge

✔ Resistance to corrosive environments

✔ Standard and customized solutions

✔ Wide range of application knowledge

Our batteries support the communication of the following network standards


 ✔ Sigfox

 ✔ NB IoT

 ✔ Wireless Mbus

VARTA batteries provide Power

Modern communication and metering systems require reliable energy supply.

VARTA possesses a real-time market experience of over 20 years.

Devices powered by VARTA cells

VARTA Smart Metering Portfolio

Bobbin cell

[Translate to English:] CR 1/2 AA (950 mAh), CR 2/3 AA (1350 mAh), CR AA (2000 mAh)

Coiled cell

[Translate to English:] CR 1/2 AA H-R (850 mAh), CR 2/3 AH-R (1600 mAh), CR AH-R (2400 mAh)

Button cell

[Translate to English:] CR 2032 (230 mAh), CR 2430 (300 mAh), CR 2450 (620 mAh)

Three different cell types: Bobbin cell , Coiled cell, Button cell

Further product portfolio for smart metering devices

Application Examples

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VARTA Smart Metering
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