GaN technology

GaN technology

What is ‘GaN’ and how does it work?

GaN (Gallium nitride) is an innovative semiconductor material that is increasingly used in power supplies & chargers. The crystalline material is a high performance alternative to conventional silicon. It offers excellent conductivity and resistance to high temperatures thus the charger is not only compact, lightweight and easy to store but also has advantages in power conversion and output compared to non GaN chargers.

Why choose GaN technology?

Extremely compact

Due to efficient voltage transmission and higher frequencies of chargers using GaN technology, less space is required which means smaller housing is sufficient for higher power processing. Less heat development also increases service life.

*Than standard laptop chargers based on total volume (WxHxD) of 60 W Charger vs. VARTA High Speed Charger

Extremely powerful

Much higher voltages and electric currents can pass through components made of GaN compared to silicon which enables higher power outputs at smaller outlines.

One for all - the only solution you need!

The high power output of up to 65 W empowered by GaN technology enables the VARTA High Speed Charger to supply all your devices with constant energy – even laptops! Enjoy a perfect all-round solution for travel, home or office empowering all your smart devices of daily use – laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, earphones, speakers and more with only one solution!

Compact and handy solution - for any device

Up to 100 % faster charging

How the VARTA High Speed Charger will revolutionize your independence!

With the VARTA High Speed Charger you get maximum power for all your devices!


The innovative GaN technology allows the VARTA High Speed Charger to charge up to 3 devices while reaching a high power output of up to 65 W!
This enables the High Speed Charger to charge mobile devices with a way higher charging speed than regular charging solutions and to additionally charge devices with high energy requirements such as laptops!

This makes the VARTA High Speed Charger the perfect all-round solution for all your devices not matter if for travel, home or office!