Universal Charger

Universal Charger

Best value for money.
Easy of use and reliable charging results

Universal Charger

The Easy Charger range is VARTA price-entry line and comprises 4 charger models compatible with 2 or 4 rechargeable batteries in all common sizes AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. Basic features offering best value for money make the Easy Charger range  the perfect choice for users that demand ease of use and reliable charging results. 


  • Charges up to 2 or 4 AA, AAA, C, D or 1x 9V – charging time: 5 h*
  • Charging indication: Blue LEDs
  • Safety timer - to avoid overcharging
  • Global voltage - worldwide use (100-240 V)
*Based on 4 AA 1600 mAh. Performance may vary.


VARTA Type 57648
Width 109 mm
Height 172 mm
Depth 53 mm
Weight 346 g


Compatibility AAA, Micro; AA, Mignon; C, Baby; D, Mono; 9 V
Charging slots: 2/4x AAA; 2/4x AA; 2/4x C; 2/4x D; 2/4x 9V
Battery system Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Charging time 5 h (based on 4x AA 1600 mAh)
Charging current::
AAA 150 mA
AA 380 mA
C 380 mA
D 380 mA
9V 34 mA


Charging indication LEDs
Switch Off Timer