Research & Technology

As a globally recognized technology leader, VARTA's constant drive is to define the future of battery technology with innovative products to enable a more independent life.

The demand for mobile energy sources is becoming ever higher. Most applications are becoming smaller, lighter and smarter. At the same time, the resources used so far are becoming scarcer and alternative processes and materials have to be found. Through continuous investment in research and development, VARTA aims to maintain this balance between resource-saving products and technological progress, relying on a wide range of research projects aimed at sustainable marketable products.


„Intelligent battery solutions and their smart use will determine our future and change the status quo in many areas of life.  It's great to be working on this with my team.“

Thomas Mertens, Head of R&D VARTA AG


Research locations

VARTA AG conducts the main part of its research work at a total of three locations. Several safety and in-house chemical laboratories as well as prototype construction support the international VARTA development team in their daily work. The process development team takes over the realization of the projects and the implementation in highly automated large-scale production. The electronics and software of the battery packs are also developed in-house in order to react as quickly as possible to changing market requirements.

As an innovation leader, VARTA AG also works closely with research institutes, government institutions and universities.


One of the first patents of Adolph Müller, the founder of today's VARTA, was granted in Switzerland in 1892.

As of today*, VARTA has 472 granted patents. In addition, there are 23 utility models and 19 design patents.

Currently*, 260 patent application procedures are underway on behalf of VARTA.

VARTA is currently* involved in 42 publicly funded research projects.

* 6/23

Research focus

Research & Development at VARTA AG focuses on the further development of existing technologies, research of new materials and technologies for products and systems, as well as production engineering and quality assurance processes.

Further development of existing technologies

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion cells
  • Zinc-air cells
  • Silver oxide cells
  • Lithium-mass cells
  • NiMH cells

Research of future technologies

  • Printed batteries
  • Rechargeable Zinc Systems
  • Sodium-ion batteries
  • Solid-State Technologies
  • Beyond-lithium systems
  • Alternative process control (solvent-free, etc.)
  • Digitization

Research into new materials

Research into new materials for various electrochemical systems with the aim of optimizing fast-charging capability and energy density.


In collaboration with our partners from research institutions, institutes and companies, we remain on the technology front and lay the foundations for the products of tomorrow and beyond.

Dr. Nicolas Bucher, Head of Funded Projects VARTA AG


Research projects

VARTA AG's research projects are divided into 6 areas that reflect the challenges in the current and future battery market. The goal of all projects are marketable products that meet the requirements in the respective field of application and at the same time are resource-saving and cost-efficient. In addition to new products, the focus is also on optimizing existing production processes.

VARTA Patents

The goal of all VARTA AG research projects is technological progress that is not just theoretical, but end with real products available on the market. VARTA's numerous patents make its products unique and show the company's innovative strength. Learn more about our patents.

Production & Quality

Guaranteed quality and reliability

Quality responsibility
Every employee is responsible for the high quality of VARTA products. In order to live up to the claim "Quality made in Germany", we are continuously working on improvements. 

Product safety
One of the most important quality features is the safety of VARTA products. In addition to the product safety during the manufacturing and use of the products, a safe transport and responsible disposal is also a high priority for VARTA.

Quality is planned and generated
All processes in the company are planned and managed to ensure the high standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility in every single production step.

Customer service
The basis for the high level of customer satisfaction at VARTA is the outstanding quality of the products. In order to guarantee this quality standard even after delivery of the goods, all VARTA customers receive the best possible support from the customer service department.

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