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Gas Generating Cells

Gas Generating Cells

Generation of high-purity hydrogen in button cell design for, e.g. dosing applications

Gas Generating Cells from VARTA

For displacement of any kind of liquids, gels, pastes and granules or for analytics or sensing with ultrapure H2, VARTA's Hydrogen Gas Generating cells are the right choice. Easy to use and portable, as without any energy source, you get 150 ml, 300 ml or more ultrapure H2 at high back pressure.


Small, compact and safe Hydrogen source

For innovative application design of various portable and energy independent applications - VARTA offers Hydrogen Gas Generating cells with the following features

  • Mechanical energy reservoir and gas pressure source
  • Rate of H2 gas volume generated is proportional to discharge current  (inversely proportional to discharge resistor)
  • Gas pressure can be used to transport liquids, gels, pastes or granules
  • High output of Hydrogen (for dosing, displacement)
  • Ultrapure Hydrogen
    (for analytics, sensing, leakage detection, ...)
  • Operation over a wide temperature range
  • Various assemblies possible
  • Leading provider in this special electrochemical cell segment
  • Over 25 years approved and reliable high quality GGCell production
  • Made in Germany
  • Mercury-free

VARTA H2 Gas Cells - Easy & Fast! Test our services and cells!

Outstanding performance is guaranteed in your application for the device designer

  • Patented Know How and long term experience in innovative hydrogen gas cell segment
  • Global design-in teams
  • High-tech application labs
  • Outstanding key account customer references
  • Worldwide branch office & distribution network
  • ISO 9001/14001

Used in following applications ...

  • analysis
  • animal food device
  • aquarium food device
  • ascending force
  • automatic pipette
  • birdcage feeder
  • chemistry
  • cosmetics
  • demonstrators
  • dispenser
  • dosing systems
  • drug delivery
  • E 949
  • education
  • energy reservoir
  • feed units
  • fertilization
  • fish feeding device
  • flame
  • flavor
  • flotation devices
  • food
  • fragrances
  • fuel cells
  • gas detection / reservoir
  • H2
  • Hydrogen
  • industry 4.0 sensors
  • infusion systems
  • irrigation
  • jack
  • laboratory use
  • leakage detection
  • lifter systems
  • lubrication
  • marine devices
  • measuring and calibration systems
  • mechanical energy reservoir
  • medical application
  • metering
  • micro actuators
  • micro fuel cell
  • micro ignitions
  • microreaction technology
  • model making
  • oil injection
  • pharmaceuticals / pharmacy
  • portable sensor
  • pressure infusion
  • pressure reservoir
  • pressure source
  • reacting agent
  • reference molecule
  • scent dispenser
  • sensing / sensor
  • syringes
  • timer systems
  • uplifting
  • vaccination
  • veterinary medicine

Best Practices

Batteries and configuration

The requirements for batteries depend on the type of device. We provide reliability and safety for any technical solution.