The right tool for every task

In everyday life, we want to be able to rely on our helpers, large and small. We offer complete energy systems that make life easier. A modern trend is cordless household appliances, and we offer innovative all-in-battery solutions. Our batteries are the strategic key component, as the battery often determines the most important performance factors. For home appliances, the best battery is the one your customer never has to think about.
Whether it is a window vacuum cleaner, electric hedge trimmers or a cordless vacuum cleaner, our rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery packs are always there when you need them. Regardless of the particular technology or task, we offer complete services from design to production for OEM customers. Thus, we cooperate with our customers to understand the demand and deliver solutions that exactly meet their needs.

Energy Solutions

Power for a modern home.

Devices powered by VARTA cells

Application Samples

  • Alarm systems
  • LED lighting systems
  • Tracking
  • Power consumption counter
  • Remote control


  • Smoke detector
  • Flashlight
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Window vacuum cleaner
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Mower robot