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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Highest energy density of all electrochemical systems.
Perfect for hearing aids because of the air electrode (1.45 V system).

Continuous technology standards are set with power one by VARTA Microbattery

power one stands for reliable batteries with a high and stable voltage curves produced in the world’s most modern and largest hearing aid battery production – Made in Germany.

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Empowering Better Hearing


At VARTA we believe that everyone should have the possibility to live an independent and fulfilling life in an inclusive society. VARTA and Eargo have been working together for more than six years. We set out to push boundaries together.

The base of our collaboration has always been a mutual partnership with the aim of developing crucial future-proof consumer products. The battery for Eargo 5 is an exclusive design by VARTA for Eargo which provides highest energy density in the smallest form factor.

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Application examples

  • Hearing Aids
  • Cochlea Implants

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