VARTA loves the independent

Life offers us many opportunities. And every person has their own ideas and perceptions of how they want to shape it. We want to give everyone the power to live his or her life independently and actively.

We empower your independence. We support your courage, your performance, your curiosity and your will to move forward. So go on, break new ground, go your own way and tread unknown paths.

We love all explorers with infinite horizons, performers with great ambitions and gamechangers with big thoughts and bold plans.

VARTA loves.

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VARTA loves performers

Follow your dreams and achieve your goals. To get the most out of your performance, we empower your independence with the best alkaline batteries we have ever made. Reliable and durable, VARTA gives you the confidence to focus on what matters most to you.

Discover our selection of long-life alkaline batteries.

VARTA loves explorers

Live your life as independently as you want! We empower you in exploring the world, with the best alkaline batteries we have ever made.

Whether on water, on land, while hiking or deep-sea diving: With their reliability and durability, VARTA batteries give you the support you need to be always prepared for anything. For more independence on all your journeys.

Find your tools in our selection of lights for every occasion.

VARTA loves gamechangers

We empower all those who break new ground, rethink things and dare to do something different. That's how VARTA has developed the first rechargeable battery with 21 % recycled content.

We empower your independence and support you to believe in yourself. Because even if it takes several attempts to be successful, each start is about change.

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Our products

Quality, design and performance – VARTA’s consumer product portfolio includes mobile energy solutions for home and on the move, as well as a wide range of lights. From primary and rechargeable batteries to special batteries, from chargers and innovative power banks to our lights for sports, outdoor and DIY enthusiasts:
our portfolio stands for reliability and performance and our products enable innovative technology for everyone.