Help to protect the environment

VARTA Recharge Accu

Rechargeable batteries from VARTA are the best power supply for a broad scope of applications. VARTA offers the widest and most consumer oriented NiMH battery assortment on the market. Best battery performance combined with a reliable and innovative technology make VARTA rechargeable batteries the best choice for consumers enabling them to contribute to protect our environment and our future.

Recharge Accu Recycled

The most sustainable product line with market leading technology includes rechargeable batteries with supreme performance that are designed with 21 % recycled content.

Recharge Accu Power

The VARTA Recharge Accu Power is the most powerful product line offering high-quality rechargeable batteries with excellent performance available in the most demanded battery sizes AAA, AA, C, D and 9V and 10 different capacities. Ready to use technology and very low self-discharge make the Recharge Accu Power range the perfect choice for any application.

Device oriented specials

Innovative, application-specific rechargeable batteries complete the VARTA rechargeable assortment and offer the perfect choice for the specific requirements of cordless phones and solar lights.

Reasons To Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Save batteries

As VARTA accus can be recharged several times so they can replace hundreds of alkaline batteries

Save material & packaging

The replacement of alkaline batteries saves a lot of raw materials and packaging as less batteries are produced

Save water & energy

Less batteries lead to less water and energy consumption due to lower battery productions

Save transports

Lower battery productions and purchasing rates – as rechargeable batteries can be used up to 5 years – result in reduced transportation and pollution

Save money

Higher expenses will be paid back in short time when accus are used frequently