Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Next generation smart watch

Highly improved chipsets offer much more functions inside the smartwatch while at the same time power consumption is reduced. Usage time of 2 weeks without recharge allow high user acceptance and satisfaction. New display technology reduces power consumption even further and allow thinner design and lower weight.

Battery challenge

Highest energy density, robustness and thin housing design of the battery cell is decisive to user acceptance design shape and therefore gets highest design attention.

Technical Solution

The round flat form factor, the robust stainless steel housing and high energy density of the CoinPower series fits perfectly in to the dedicated shape of the whole device. With its patented cells design, VARTA CoinPower offers the perfect energy density across miniature Li-Ion cells on the market. Low weight and a broad range of cell sizes allow flexible design shaping and keeps the smart watch thin perfect for comfortable user experience. For example look at our CP1240 A4X cell:



Typical Capacity 51 mAh @ 3.7 V


12.1 mm diameter
  4.0 mm height

Discharge current

106 mA continuous
156 mA for 2 sec pulsed

Cycle Performance

>500 Cycles
(>80 % of initial capacity)

Safety Features

Robust Stainless-Steel Housing
with build-in PRV

*preliminary data

Lithium Coin Cell – CoinPower

The CoinPower series with cells from 12 to 145 mAh offer the highest energy density with an outstanding cycle life performance for wearable medical and healthcare solutions. Outstanding safety features will make this battery the perfect rechargeable battery solution. The CoinPower is exclusively produced on fully automated production lines in Germany to ensure a maximum production accuracy on every single cell.       


  • Highest safety feature on the market
  • Discharge current up to 3C
  • Best-in-class cycle life performance
  • Design flexibility by using tags, wires or just the bare cell
    with cell holder
  • UL, IEC and UN IATA recognized cell
  • Reliability – Made in Germany

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