VARTA element backup

VARTA element backup

For the whole family. The complete solution with integrated emergency power function. Order now!

VARTA element backup

The complete solution can be quickly and easily installed in any home, thanks to the practical plug & play technology. Available in three different capacities and with integrated emergency power function, the VARTA element backup is the ideal energy storage system for those who like to independent and well secured during emergencies.

And the best of all: thanks to an additional battery module, the VARTA element backup can be expanded at any time. Dependent on the module size, the storage capacity can be increased from 6.5 kWh to 13 kWh or even 19.5 kWh.

Good reasons for VARTA element backup

Emergency power function

The VARTA element backup offers an emergency power function for selective users, which can be realised through the VARTA emergency power box. In the event of power failure, the energy storage system automatically switches to emergency power operation. In addition to that, the VARTA element backup is also capable of black start.

AC all-in-one system

The VARTA element backup as an AC all-in-one system with integrated battery inverter is perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.


Three performance capacities

With an additional battery module up to 19.5kWh the VARTA element backup is perfectly suited for every home. If the demand increases, you can expand the storage capacity with an additional battery module afterwards at any time.

Expansion of storage capacity

When required, you can expand the storage capacity at any time by connecting up to five VARTA energy storage systems with VARTA Link or the VARTA pulse neo.

Communication with PV inverters

With the VARTA element backup a direct communication with different PV inverters without any additional hardware is possible.

PV yield optimisation

In the webinterface, you can carry out manual settings of the PV yield optimisation in order to prevent yield losses through PV curtailment.

Technical data

General data  
Electrochemistry NMC
Mains connection 400 V AC, 3-phase, 50 Hz
System warranty 10 years (permanent internet connection), 5 years (without internet connection)1
Warranty on batteries 10 years, 4,000 cycles2
Control, monitoring PC, tablet, smartphone
System AC all-in-one system including battery inverter
Installation Free-standing
Nominal battery capacity 6.5 kWh 13.0 kWh 19.5 kWh
Max AC power (charge / discharge) 2.2 / 1.8 kW 4.0 / 3.7 kW 4.0 / 4.0 kW
Dimensions (w x h x d) in mm 600 x 1,176 x 500 600 x 1,176 x 500 600 x 1,176 x 500
Weight 115 kg 165 kg 215 kg

1 Gemäß den Bedingungen der „Herstellergarantie“ (abrufbar unter Downloads)
2 Erwartete Restkapazität: 80%

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VARTA Energiespeicher im Überblick

Die VARTA Energiespeicher verfügen als AC-Komplettsysteme über einen integrierten Batteriewechselrichter und sind sowohl für Nachrüstungen als auch für Neuinstallationen perfekt geeignet.