LCD Ultra Fast Charger+

LCD Ultra Fast Charger+

The most powerful VARTA charger range.
Fast & efficient

LCD Ultra Fast Charger+

The VARTA premium LCD Chargers+ offer high quality products suitable to charge up to 8 batteries at once. Compatible with all common battery sizes AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and USB devices. The charger range combines ease of use as the VARTA LCD Chargers+ are equipped with an user-optimized LCD Display and highly sophisticated performance features including single-slot charging, quick charge and refresh mode for best charging results. Modern and innovative VARTA design combined with a wide range of safety features makes the VARTA premium range the perfect choice for frequent and advanced users.  


  • Charges up to 4 AA, AAA - charging time: 15 minutes*
  • 3 modes: quick charge, charge and refresh
  • Single slot charging for highest flexibility and best charging results
  • Intelligent charging termination
  • Big and intuitive LCD screen for more convenience
  • Display indication of V, mA and min
  • Improved sensitivity of bad cell detection
  • Comprehensive safety features: Minus delta V cut-off, safety timer, short circuit protection, alkaline and bad cell detection
  • Individual design for an exceptional product look
  • Global voltage - worldwide use (100-240 V)
  • 12 V car adapter & AC adapter
  • Equipped with 4x Recharge Accu Power AA 2100 mAh
*Based on 2 AA 1600 mAh. Approximately 70 % of full charge. Performance may vary.


VARTA Type 57685
Width 92 mm
Height 146 mm
Depth 43 mm
Weight 332 g


Compatibility AAA, Micro; AA, Mignon
Charging slots: 1-4x AAA; 1-4x AA
Battery system Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Charging time 15 min (based on 2x AA 1600 mAh)
Charging current:
AAA 1-2 AAA 3000 mA; 3-4 AAA 1500 mA
AA 1-2 AA 8000 mA; 3-4 AA 4000 mA


Switch Off Minus Delta V / Timer
Safety Features:
Wrong polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Alkaline and bad cell detection
Temperature control
Trickle charge