"Imagine batteries with ultra-thin technology
and the highest energy density."

A printed battery - ultra thin and flexible 

Innovation is part of our DNA. Our mission is to set standards in battery technology through continuous investment in research and development. Our experts focus on future technologies and new materials to optimise existing products, develop new ideas, unleash potential and open up new markets. With our broad technological know-how, we are working on projects for the fast-growing printed battery market.

What if your product could be made even better by simply using a printed battery?

Let’s have a closer look at the battery


The battery comes with a multi-layer set-up; each layer (in total eight) printed in stack. Combined with a high-end current collector (that reaches high conductivity) and an ideal Electrolyte/Separator engineering (with a low inner-resistance) the product design evidently fits High-Power applications (such as LTE signals) very well.

However, if High Energy is more critical to the application the Printed Battery set-up also achieves remarkable competitiveness.

Individual sizes

The printed battery as a product is fully customisable.

Printing technology in principle offers great product design freedom. Hence, there are no limits in sizing the battery to your needs. However, the size of the battery has an impact on the energy and power density. That is, what we determine together with our project partners in the design process, to find best solution possible.

Application areas

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Sustainable product

Utilization of
recycled material
Not flammable
No rare earths
No heavy metals

You have questions?

We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our Printed Batteries!

Send us an email at info@varta-ag.com.