VARTA goes magnetic

VARTA goes magnetic

MagSafe technology

What is ‘MagSafe’?

‘MagSafe’ is a magnetic charging technology introduced by Apple built-in to iPhone 12 models and newer. This way, Apple created a new ecosystem for accessories to be attached more easily and securely.


                 Snap & Charge!

How does it work?

‚MagSafe‘ consists of a series of magnets that are postitioned around the charging coil of iPhones.

Accessories that are compatible with MagSafe also include a series of magnets and thus are detected. This way Phone & accessory snap seamlessly and automatically into the right position via the magnetic attraction.

Beside easier attachement the magnet ensures secure and proper fixation while the device is being charged wirelessly.

Makes life simpler and more precise

  • Smartphones snap automatically into the right position
  • Magnetic attachment ensures proper fixation
  • Smartphone does not slip away but strongly adheres to the charging device
  • Smartphones can be kept in the handbag, backpack or pocket and never stop charging
  • No cable required for solid connection between mobile device and charging accessory

VARTA goes magnetic! 

VARTA Mag Pro accessories are compatible with MagSafe technology from Apple and with the Qi Wireless charging standard. With this, you can use our products even if you do not own an iPhone – VARTA products are for everyone to improve their charging experience*.


*Magnetic attachement can be reached by using the respective accessory e.g. magnetic ring, magnetic case or comparable

A solution for everybody

All devices that feature Qi wireless charging can be charged with the VARTA Mag Pro products!

Magnetic attachement can be reached by using a magnetic ring, magnetic case or comparable.