Nordic Swan Eco Label

Nordic Swan Eco Label

What is the Nordic Eco Label?

The official ecolabel of the Nordics

Ecolabelling works to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods. The Nordic Eco Label marks products and services that are tested and qualified against the strict criteria of the Nordic Eco Labelling and is a governmental quality seal for environmentally friendly products and services.

Why Eco Labelling?

The criteria document includes strict requirements on:

       Product perfomance

  • Strict requirements for capacity
    and durability to ensure a long lifetime
  • Recognized quality and safety standards
  • Low content of mercury, cadmium and lead


  • Total proportion of recycled materials must be at least 80 %
  • Dismantling for all individual parts for waste sorting (e.g. cardboard, paper, plastic...)


  • Ensures responsible use and sourcing of limited raw materials and „conflict-free“ materials

This makes the Nordic Eco Label not only a recognized mark for eco-friendliness but also for premium quality!

VARTA x Nordic Eco Label

Primary batteries*



Rechargeable batteries*



*Valid for individual product and packaging formats

How to find the Label on VARTA products

Look for the Nordic Eco label on the back of our VARTA product packaging when you are shopping batteries!*



Get high quality products and best battery performance
- independently proven

*Valid for individual product and packaging formats

With every purchase you contribute to a more sustainable future, step by step:

Reduced environmental impact of products from improved processes

Reduced environmental impact from reduced waste and increased recycling

Reduced effort to get sustainability information – the label tells the story

Independent and objective labelling
- approved & qualified from 3rd party test lab