VARTA recharges!

VARTA recharges!

Essential know-how for charger users

Chargers & why you need them

Chargers are the necessary complementary products when it comes to rechargeable batteries. Charging product are needed in order to recharge a NiMH battery after use and thus to fulfill the purpose of rechargeables. The more often you recharge and re-use a rechargeable battery, the higher the sustainable value.

In this article you will find helpful insights and tips & tricks for the usage of chargers.

Important terms explained 



Indicates which battery sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) can be recharged with the charger

Did you know?

Some VARTA chargers can even recharge an external device with USB output!

Charging time

Hours or minutes the charger needs in order to recharge NiMH batteries

Did you know?

Charging time varies between battery sizes & capacities. The higher the capacity the longer the charging time!

Trickle Charge

Keeps the charging status at 100 % after the charging process is finalized by supporting the battery with small charging currents

Channel Configuration

Single Slot

Each charging slot can be used individually. Therefore, you are flexible regarding inserted amount and battery size (e.g. 1x AAA, 1x AA or 3x AAA)

Pair Charging

Two charging slots need to be used together. Therefore, you always need to put an even number of batteries of the same size into the charger (e.g. 2x AA, 2x AAA)

Shut-off mechanisms

Auto Switch-off

Timer cut-off: charging process stops after a defined time (e.g 8 hours), regardless of the charging status

Smart Switch-off

Minus-Delta-V Cut-off: charger detects when batteries are fully charged by measuring the voltage and stops the charging process

Safety Features

VARTA chargers are designed with Advanced Safety Technology
to ensure highest safety standards!

Chargers switches off automatically, if the accu temperature exceeds a certain value

The chargers won´t be harmed by defective and short circuited cells

Incorrectly inserted (Minus, Plus Pole) cells will be detected

The chargers can detect faulty, unsuitable or incorrectly inserted battery types

Premium features explained

Conditioning mode

VARTA chargers detect long-used, ‘tired’ batteries and gently pre-charge them with a reduced, pulsating current. Other chargers might detect the cells as “defective” whereas the VARTA chargers gently reactive the batteries & recharge them again for longer usage.


   All VARTA LCD Chargers+ 
feature conditioning mode!



Quick charge

Fast charging mode with higher currents in order to reduce the charging time to 15 Minutes!* Useful feature when things have to go fast. For daily charging, please use the more gentle standard “charge” mode to prolong your batteries lifetime.


   VARTAs LCD Ultra Fast Charger+ 
features quick charge!

* For 1-2 cells AA 1600 mAh. Approximately 70 % of full charge.

Refresh mode

The capacity of NiMH batteries decreases slightly with each charging process. To reactivate the full capacity again, VARTA offers the “refresh mode”. The batteries will be fully charged & discharged for 5 times. Due to those full refresh cycles your batteries return to maximum capacity.

   Refresh mode is offered by VARTAs LCD Ultra Fast Charger+ & LCD Smart Charger+!