Empowering Smart Keys

Empowering Smart Keys

Reliable Power – Everywhere, at any time

Smart Keys empowered
by VARTA CoinPower

The VARTA CoinPower series is the perfect match to empower the next generation of smart keys. The high-quality Li-Ion coin cells ensure highest performance and reliability while allowing more flexibility in the product design – and considering the sustainable value.

Reliable power – everywhere, at any time with CoinPower

  • Maximize the lifespan of your Smart Car Key 
  • Reliable performance in various climate conditions
  • Extended usage time whenever you need it – excellent storage performance ensure reliable power
  • Enhanced design flexibility and safety features through robust cell housing 
  • Unleashing power through patented innovation
  • Unwavering reliability over complete lifetime thanks to cycle stability 


CoinPower - Made in Germany

VARTA as first manufacturer of CoinPower has longstanding expertise in production and efficient processes. Made in Germany ensures a premium level of product quality. Reliable supply and high volumes are secured through highest production capacities.

Patents secure our technology and thus technological advantages in our customer’s applications.

Experienced supplier and long-standing partner of the industry

VARTA as a leading international manufacturer of batteries with more than 135 years understands the demands of premium brands and how to match their needs.

VARTA is IATF certified and through years of experience with automotive customers the perfect partner for a trusting collaboration.

VARTA sustainability agenda

VARTA commitment to ESG ensures smooth workflow in case of existing purchasing or manufacturing requirements from customers.

For more information please see our sustainability activities.

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VARTA Smart Key
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