Silver Coin

Silver Coin

The most comprehensive assortment
of watch batteries.

Wide variety of battery sizes

Silver Coin

The VARTA Silver Coin cells are well known as watch batteries. The wide variety of battery sizes delivering reliable, long-lasting energy and meeting highest quality and performance demands. Constant energy supply, withstands shock, vibration and acceleration, the cells are mercury-free and suitable for a broad scope of watches, toys, calculators, remote controls and other small electronic devices.

Features & Applications


  • VARTA offers the most comprehensive assortment of silver coin watch batteries
  • Different cell types in low- and high-drain version available
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Mercury-free
  • Reliable energy for a wide variety of digital and analog watches as well suitable for toys, calculators and remote controls
  • VARTA Battery Experts since 1887
  • Guaranteed high level performance and an extended storage time of up to 3 years