Lithium Coin

Lithium Coin

Empower the tomorrow´s smart world.

Premium VARTA Lithium coin cells


The premium VARTA Lithium coin cells designed to provide reliable power for small electronic devices. Batteries delivering highest performance for pulse and continuous discharge applications. All VARTA Lithium button cells are child proof packed and meet the highest safety standards. Perfect for various basic & smart applications like key fobs, remote controls, scales, smart home devices and many more small electronic devices. Best quality and duration guaranteed.

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Features & Applications


  • VARTA Lithium button cells are available in the most popular battery sizes for all standard applications and smart electronic devices
  • Child safety packaging offers high security
  • Patented easy & secure opening cavities
  • High capacity for longer run-time
  • Up to 70 % more energy for long-lasting and reliable power*
  • Low internal resistance and self-discharge
  • VARTA Battery Experts since 1887
  • Guaranteed high level performance and an extended storage time of up to 10 years

Disclaimer: *up to 70 % more energy for CR2032 vs. IEC 60086-2 14.0 electronic key test MAD. Performance may vary according to use

Safety information

What if a child has ingested a button cell?

  Seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or doctors practice
  DO NOT let your child eat or drink until the presence of a button cell is determined by medical personnel
  If you are in possession of the battery-package, take it to the hospital to determine what battery type was ingested