Lithium primary batteries suitable for
the power supply of standard applications.

Suitable for standard electronic devices


The VARTA Energy Lithium coin cells are suitable for standard electronic devices. These button cells of the basic-line delivering reliable energy and offering a good value for money. Perfect for various applications like remote controls, scales, medical devices and many more small devices. VARTA brand quality guaranteed.

Features & Applications


  • VARTA Energy Lithium Coin cells are available for the most demanded battery sizes
  • Child safety packaging for maximum security
  • Offers good value for money
  • Provides reliable energy for basic needs and standard devices
  • Extended storage time of 5 years
  • VARTA Battery Experts since 1887 for guaranteed high level performance

Safety information

What if a child has ingested a button cell?

  Seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or doctors practice
  DO NOT let your child eat or drink until the presence of a button cell is determined by medical personnel
  If you are in possession of the battery-package, take it to the hospital to determine what battery type was ingested