ANSI FL1 "Flashlight Basic Performance" standard

ANSI FL1 Standard for an objective comparison

In August 2009, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the ANSI FL1 "Flashlight Basic Performance" standard (developed by the Flashlight Standards Committee). Although originally only intended for use in the United States, the world's first flashlight norm has become the world's leading flashlight standard. It includes precise definitions of terms, marking rules and test methods for measuring the relevant performance parameters of portable lights.

The clearly defined test methods and marking rules help retailers and consumers to understand and compare performance features more easily. That is why VARTA has become one of the first manufacturers in Europe to adapt its measurements of flashlight performance consequently to this new standard.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization that monitors the development of voluntary standards for products, services and processes in the United States. The organization coordinates US standards with international standards to enable international product comparisons to be made.
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The comparable features of VARTA flashlights in accordance with the ANSI standard

Beam range

According to ANSI, the illumination distance is measured as the distance between the flashlight and the point where the light beam is at least 0.25 lux.

Light output

A measurement of the total quantity of emitted overall light energy. The value is reported in lumens.


The duration of time from the initial light output value (30 sec after light is turned on with fresh batteries) until the light output drops to 10 % of the initial value.

VARTA communications and performance data fully conform with the ANSI standard. Fair comparisons can, however, only be made if the other products being compared also conform with this standard.