Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

The ideal power supply for hearing aid devices.

Premium VARTA Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid
Batteries 312

The premium VARTA Hearing Aid Batteries assortment offers the perfect power supply for standard and the latest high-performance hearing aid devices. Reliable, long-lasting energy with highest quality and performance allow hearing aid users to hear clearly, communicate effectively and improve their quality of life. The premium batteries provide stable voltage for wireless streaming, enabling a more efficient connection and clear sound with audio devices. All VARTA hearing aid batteries have a high-quality, leak-proof design ensuring safe performance for consumers to enjoy their independence.

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Features & Applications


  • VARTA Hearing Aid Batteries are available in the most popular battery sizes for standard and high performance hearing aids
  • Stable voltage and clear sound for Bluetooth connections and wireless applications
  • 0 % Hg – Mercury-free and leak-proof battery
  • Up to 110 % more energy for long-lasting and reliable power*
  • +40h extra runtime for your hearing aid**
  • Guaranteed high level performance and an extended storage time of up to 4 years
  • “Made in Germany – made to last”, VARTA brand quality ensured
  • Strong color coding & clearly visible size designation on blister and battery tab
  • Convenient storage pack with turnable dial and recloseable battery door
  • Premium double-layered blister card with anti-theft seal for more safety

*up to 110 % more energy vs. IEC 60086-2 Ed. 14.0 wireless streaming test MAD. Performance may vary according to use.

**up to 40 hours extra runtime for hearing aid battery type 312 vs. IEC 60086-2 Ed. 14.0 hearing aid standard MAD. Performance may vary according to use.