Multi Charger

Multi Charger

Best value for money.
Easy of use and reliable charging results

Multi Charger

The Easy Charger comprises 4 charger models with basic yet relevant features offering best value for money! 4,5 hours charging time combined with advanced safety features make the VARTA Easy Charger Range the perfect choice for users that demand user-friendly handling as well as fast and reliable charging results. 


  • Charges 2,4,6 or 8 AA, AAA NiMH batteries - charging time: 4.5 h*
  • Green LED for charging indication
  • USB Type C input for power supply
  • Comprehensive safety features: Minus delta V cut-off, safety timer, short circuit protection, alkaline and bad cell detection, wrong polarity protection
  • Trickle charge for optimized charging results
  • Individual design for an exceptional product look
  • Including USB Type C charging cable
*Based on 4 AA 1600 mAh. Performance may vary.


VARTA Type 57659
Width 137 mm
Height 101 mm
Depth 26 mm
Weight 123 g


Compatibility AAA, Micro; AA, Mignon
Charging slots: 2/4/6/8x AAA; 2/4/6/8x AA
Battery system Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Charging time 4,5 h (based on 4x AA 1600 mAh)
Charging current::
AAA 200 mA
AA 450 mA
C 450 mA


Charging indication LEDs
Switch Off Minus Delta V / Timer
Safety Features:
Wrong polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Alkaline and bad cell detection
Trickle charge