Maximum performance, pure passion.

Two strong, energetic brands are joining forces: VARTA AG, the globally successful battery company, is now the official partner of German record-breaking soccer champion FC Bayern Munich. The traditional German companies with roots in southern Germany are known for their outstanding performance for decades.

The motto of the partnership is “maximum performance, pure passion” – because both companies have high standards and passion for what they do.

With FC Bayern Munich, VARTA AG has won a partner who shares the same values.

How much power has FC Bayern Munich?*

In a football match, a player on the field burns about 1440kcal. This equals roughly the power necessary to charge 663 rechargeable VARTA household batteries. If you consider the whole team´s power consumption, this would even measure up to 6 VARTA pulse 3 energy storage systems.

During the evening hours, even from distance the Allianz Arena with its illuminated façade provides an impressive sight and has become an iconic landmark of the city of Munich. One VARTA flex storage 120/37 could illuminate the entire façade for about 18 hours – and that by solely relying on solar power!

A football player can kick the ball into the net at a speed of roughly 120 kilometers per hour. A VARTA CoinPower Cell 1254 could easily provide this amount of energy – and even then would still be able to provide the power for two more shots.

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* The information and figures stated in the text have been researched to the best of VARTA AG’s knowledge and are based on rounded average values.
However, VARTA AG assumes no liability for the correctness of the content of this information and numerical values.

Microbatteries and

In the Microbatteries segment, VARTA AG is a leading international manufacturer of microbatteries for hearing aids and rechargeable microbatteries in the entertainment sector. We count the most important companies among our customers and produce batteries in numerous important electrochemical systems as well as designs and sizes. The applications range from hearing aid batteries and cordless headsets to automotive applications that are powered by microbatteries.

The Solutions segment has extensive industry experience in the design of powerful, safe and demand-based lithium battery packs – for medical technology, robotics, connectivity or telecommunications. The product portfolio ranges from customer-specific battery packs, of which the development is accompanied by our experts from the first idea to series production, through to fully configured standard batteries that are immediately available.

Household Batteries

With the Consumer Batteries segment, VARTA AG is one of the most important international manufacturers of portable batteries. In addition to batteries, VARTA’s range also includes rechargeable batteries, power banks, chargers and lights. The innovative quality products are developed and manufactured with the latest technology and the know-how of internationally qualified specialists. In addition to the innovative strength, the range, quality and design make the offer unique.

The Energy Storage segment from VARTA ranges from compact entry-level models, such as the wall-mounted system VARTA pulse neo, to our larger energy storage system VARTA flex storage for commercial applications. The intelligent energy management system also ensures optimal use of self-produced solar energy and is designed to significantly increase self-consumption.

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