Energy reloaded - VARTA Gas Generating Cells

Energy reloaded - VARTA Gas Generating Cells

Dear Mr. Mayank Chaubey

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As discussed and agreed, we would like to introduce you to an innovative solution for your smart injection patch:

The VARTA Gas Generating Cell. A cell - more than just an energy provider!


Intelligent alternative energy solution for dosing and displacement

Short-term and long-term dosing possible

Developed and made in Germany

How it works


1. The VARTA Gas Generating Cell generates pure larger amounts of hydrogen (H2)

2. The expansion of the gas creates pressure

3. This pressure controls the release of liquids, such as medicine, in a controlled manner

4. Activation is achieved by "short-circuiting," simply with a resistor

Technical specification at a glance

Available of the shelf

Article Desgination Gas Volume (ml) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
V 150 HMF 150 11.6 5.5 1.65
2/V 150 HMF 300 11.8 11.6 3.4

Available on request

Article Desgination Gas Volume (ml) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
V 40 HMF 40 7.8 5.5 0.85

Further types and sizes will follow.


Smart Medicals gain more and more importance and are revolutionized by AI. VARTA is a perfect match when it comes to innovative and future oriented energy technology.“

Rainer Hald, CTO, VARTA AG


Certified for the highest standards

Quality Management System for medical devices ISO 13485

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