VARTA strives towards a more sustainable future and aims to provide innovative solutions for a low-carbon world. The company fosters a culture of innovation by driving continuous improvement and research and development to increase the efficiency of resource utilisation - at its own sites and in its value chains. Going forward, VARTA will prioritise improving its sustainability performance and reducing its environmental impact.

Climate management

VARTA addresses the risks and opportunities associated with climate change by considering factors such as compliance, financial risk, resilience, sales opportunities and long-term competitiveness. This approach enables VARTA to align the interests of stakeholders along the value chain, including customers, investors and the communities in which VARTA operates. Since 2022, VARTA has been implementing the guidelines of TCFD. The company is continuously enhancing its reporting on the management of climate risks and opportunities. These are categorised into transition and physical, with a dedicated programme designed for each.

  • Verification of greenhouse gas emissions
    VARTA is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain. Therefore, the GHG emissions of Scope 3 were calculated for the first time in 2022 and the total GHG emissions were verified by an independent third party. > ISO 14064 Verification.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project
    The > Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the gold standard for corporate environmental reporting and is fully in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).
  • Science Based Target Initiative
    In addition, VARTA has committed to the > Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and intends to submit a near-term target in line with the 1.5 degree pathway for official validation.

Environmental Management

In recent years, VARTA has made significant progress in minimising its environmental impact and improving its sustainability performance.

  • ISO certficates
    VARTA fulfils numerous requirements in the categories of quality, environment and energy through independent and systematic verification. VARTA's sites undergo regular audits by independent third parties. > Downloads
  • Recycling information
    Responsibility for the environment is reflected in the entire life cycle of the products. VARTA has uncompromising requirements for environmentally friendly development and production and demands that its products are safe and durable, with sustainable disposal being a key factor. > Insights VARTA is committed to raising awareness of the importance of battery recycling and achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal. > Battery Recycling
  • Circular economy
    VARTA fulfils its producer responsibility by participating in return systems of GRS and REBAT. These return systems achieved a recycling rate of 51% in the relevant markets. The secondary raw materials are utilised in other industries. VARTA strives to make product packaging more responsible. The use of recycled materials is to be increased and the volume of packaging reduced. This is achieved by increasing the proportion of renewable fibres sourced from suppliers with FSC-certified products. The company is also working with its suppliers to develop more sustainable packaging practices. For all products labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, at least 80% of the packaging is made from recycled materials.

VARTA's Scope 1 & 2 emissions have been reduced by 62% in the last two years, particularly through the procurement of electricity from renewable sources.

of VARTA's production sites in Europe regularly carry out an energy audit and strive for the EU seal of quality and certification according to EMAS.

VARTA contributes to the energy transition by developing and manufacturing energy storage systems that store electricity from renewable sources.

„Innovation is driven by our commitment to sustainability, as we actively pursue methods to decrease our impact on the environment.“

Rainer Hald, Chief Technology Officer


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