VARTA flex storage

VARTA flex storage

Big but flexible. Optimal energy also for trade, industry or agriculture.

VARTA flex storage

The modular design of VARTA flex storage makes it possible to individually adjust the output, capacity and functionality according to different requirements. VARTA flex storage systems are optimised for various applications in the commercial sector – from increasing self-consumption and peak shaving to acting as an emergency power supply.

Tailor-made for commercial applications

Big but flexible – this motto is even more applicable for commercial energy storage systems. The flex storage systems provide the right solution for anyone who needs a modular system. The turnkey system concept of VARTA flex makes it possible to select the output and capacity separately.


VARTA flex storage E 36/75 NMC 36 75 115 x 200 x 67
VARTA flex storage E 120/225 NMC 120 225 265 x 200 x 67
VARTA flex storage E 120/300 NMC 120 300 320 x 200 x 67
VARTA flex storage E 360/675 NMC 360 675 795 x 200 x 67
VARTA flex storage E 1.080/2.025 NMC 1,080 2,025 2,385 x 200 x 67

Technical data

Electrochemistry NMC  
Mains connection 400 V AC, 3-phase, 50 Hz  
Warranty Configuration-dependent  
Applications Self-consumption optimization, peak-shaving, islanding1, external setpoint1  
System AC all-in-one system including battery inverter  
Installation Free-standing  
Nominal battery capacity 75 to 750 kWh  
Nominal system performance2 36 / 80 / 120 kW  
Dimensions (w x h x d) in mm Configuration-dependent  
Weight Configuration-dependent  

1 Optional
2  Cos φ=1 

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The VARTA energy storage systems at a glance

The VARTA energy storage systems as AC all-in-one systems with integrated battery inverter are perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.