Power Banks

Power Banks

For greater safety on board

For greater safety on board

Holiday time is vacation time. To avoid lengthy car journeys and tormenting hours in traffic jams, increasingly many people opt to travel to their holiday destinations by plane rather than by car. Even a fairly large volume of luggage can be stowed quite easily in a car, but the rules for airborne luggage are much more complicated. VARTA Consumer Batteries explains what airline passengers should bear in mind when packing and checking suitcases, handbags, etc. and why VARTA products can be taken along on airline flights without hesitation.

Preparation is essential

It’s very important to thoughtfully pack your suitcase, rucksack and handbag well in advance of your journey. Especially when families fly, the maximum weight of 20 to 23 kilograms per suitcase is quickly reached. A checklist can help travelers leave unnecessary items at home. Important: lithium-ion batteries (such as those used in smartphones, tablets, laptops and power banks) belong in hand baggage and must not be transported in checked luggage.

Particularly safe and powerfully charged en route

VARTA has good news for everyone who uses a smartphone or tablet, plays games on a regular basis or organizes marathon gaming series. Not only are VARTA’s Power Banks the perfect power sources whenever a battery is running low, they’re also equipped with the latest safety features. They have temperature control and mechanisms to protect against deep discharge, overcharging, overcurrent, input-overvoltage and short circuiting, so they can cope with every challenge. All there VARTA Power Banks have been tested for air, land and water travel in accordance with UN38.3 Transport Safety Regulations and are therefore the perfect companion on any long journey. However, Power Banks should only be carried in hand baggage and MUST NOT be stowed in checked luggage. The highest capacity of Power Banks on Airplanes is limited to 27,000 mAh. Regulations vary from one airline to another, so if you would like to take several Power Banks with you, be sure to contact your airline before you start your journey.

Additional tips for the safe handling of Power Banks can be found in our How-To-Guide.

The EU prohibits some items in hand luggage

The following regulations apply to the remaining hand luggage. Liquids, creams, cosmetic articles, sprays or mixtures of liquid and solid components may only be carried in 100 milliliter sizes. The total quantity permitted on board must fit within one sealable bag with a capacity of one liter. Anything that needn’t necessarily be accessible during the flight should be packed in checked luggage. To avoid long waits at the security checkpoint, it’s advisable to pack your hand baggage with all the items that need to be screened positioned on top. These include high-tech devices such as smartphones, power banks and laptops, as well as the sealable bag containing liquid items.

Your hand luggage travel-hack

No matter how routine air travel may have become nowadays, no one is 100 % immune from a queasy feeling beside the baggage carousel. Passengers anxiously view each piece of luggage as it appears on the conveyor belt, fearful of having to make do with only the few items they’ve packed in their hand baggage. To be on the safe side, it’s essential to attach to your suitcase a luggage tag marked with the address of your hotel at your vacation destination so your luggage can be delivered later if it fails to appear on the carousel immediately after you’ve landed.

If you prepare your hand luggage accordingly, you will at least be able to manage if the worst case happens above: Valuables, passport, keys, money and important medication should always be on hand.

For holidaymakers who have to change flights once or several times, it is advisable to go one step further. An "emergency care package" in miniature format with deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, cream and selected change of clothes should also be carried. So you have your familiar toiletries at hand both for a short refreshment at the airport and for a spontaneous overnight stay in a nearby hotel.

Our tip for families: Remember a board game! Also available in practical travel formats. Keep you and your little ones entertained during those long waiting times.

If you’re properly prepared and all your essential items are near at hand, your mind will be free and your carefree vacation can begin already at the departure gate.

VARTA wishes you lots of holiday fun!