What is the EU Product Safety Award? 

The award is issued by the European Commission and honors innovative business initiatives that enhance consumer safety beyond legal requirements.

The 2023 edition focused on the safety of young people and invited submissions from SMEs and larger companies, as well as early-career and senior researchers.

Maximum safety while using VARTA Power Banks

The EU Commission honored the “Advanced Safety Technology” that includes 6 comprehensive safety features which are effective even in the event of misuse:

Temperature control

An internal NTC sensor interrupts the charging process at high temperatures.

Overcurrent protection

The Power Banks’ batteries are protected against overcurrent to avoid damage to the cells.

Overcharge protection

The Power Banks’ batteries are protected against overcharging to avoid cell damage or excessive aging.

Input-overvoltage protection

An overvoltage detector protects the Power Banks’ input against overvoltage from external power sources.

Deep discharge protection

The protection against deep-discharging of the batteries avoids cell damage and increases the batteries’ longevity.

Short circuit protection

The Power Bank is short circuit proof due to a resettable safety use.

We certify our products according to Europe's official standards… and beyond! 

  • Tested and certified against UL 1642 standard for Lithium batteries
  • Recognized mark for a very good quality battery & high safety
  • Certification on safety & environmental claims of electronic products
  • International standard for batteries & electronic products
  • Certifies whether equipment, system or components conform to its international standards
  • Compliant with the official UN 38.3 standard for transport safety
  • Guarantees safety in transporting dangerous goody by land, sea & air