Waxman Energy holds UK’s first installer training by VARTA Storage.

VARTA Storage UK Launch event scheduled for 6th June 2018 Ahead of the launch of the VARTA Pulse in the UK, Waxman Energy, specialist distributor in the renewable energies sector, held the very first VARTA Storage approved installer training in the UK on 2nd May at Waxman Energy Ltd, West Yorkshire. The next scheduled date is Thursday 7th June with subsequent dates to follow. As part of an exclusive agreement with VARTA Storage, the one day installer training is part of ongoing training sessions at Waxman Energy and covers the complete installation of the VARTA Pulse - a small, compact wall-mounted AC Coupled storage system for domestic use. Successful completion of the training will allow qualified electricians to competently install the home energy system, whilst gaining access to the VARTA Installer Network. VARTA’s Key Account Manager for the UK, Steve Saunders commented "Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Waxman Energy Ltd., VARTA Storage has taken the next step to launch the Pulse home energy storage system to the UK market. Successful operation of the system requires correct and safe installation of the device. We are preparing the installer network ready for the first installed Pulse energy storage system at the end of June 2018." Available in two sizes; 3.3 kWh and 6.5 kWh, the VARTA Pulse is designed to be ‘plug & play’ and can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. The small and compact energy system measures just 60 x 69 x 18.6 centimeters, meaning it can fit in even the smallest of spaces. Leading the installer training is Technical Services Manager Bernd Pfefferer, who commented "I am happy to be in the UK to support Waxman Energy for our first training events in UK". Split into two parts, the first part of the training covers all technical aspects of the Pulse including; installation, connecting to the grid and the commissioning process. The second part delves into the use of ‘VARTA Connect’ - a virtual system used to effectively communicate with the PV data logger, Smart Grid and Smart Home applications. Real time data, graphs and statistics can be monitored through the online portal or via the VARTA Storage app. Sam Waxman, Managing Director of Waxman Energy said “ As a company, we are honoured to hold the UK’s first VARTA Storage approved installer training day and look forward to building a relationship with such a prestigious company”. VARTA Storage GmbH focuses on intelligent energy solutions for customized battery storage systems for OEM customers and the design, system integration and assembly of stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems. VARTA Storage UK Launch Event - 6th June 2017 Partners Waxman Energy Ltd. and VARTA Storage GmbH are holding a VARTA Pulse product launch on 6th June 2018. Held at the Waxman Energy headquarters in West Yorkshire, the launch event will begin at 6pm and include a live installation of the Pulse, interviews with leading experts in battery storage and a guest speaker yet to be announced. For further information or to register your attendance, please email jemma.w@waxmangroup.co.uk
  About VARTA AG As the parent company of the Group, VARTA AG is active in the business segments Microbatteries and Power & Energy through its operating subsidiaries VARTA Microbattery GmbH and VARTA Storage GmbH. Already today an innovation leader in the microbattery sector and one of the market leaders for hearing-aid microbatteries, VARTA Microbattery GmbH also aspires to market leadership for lithium-ion batteries in wearables and particularly headphones. VARTA Storage GmbH focuses on intelligent energy solutions for customized battery storage systems for OEM customers and the design, system integration and assembly of stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems. The VARTA AG Group’s operating subsidiaries are currently active in more than 75 countries around the world, with five production and assembly facilities in Europe and Asia as well as distribution centers in Asia, Europe and the United States. About Waxman Energy Ltd. Waxman Energy is a UK and Ireland wholesale dealer in the renewable energies sector and offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes all the components needed to install and operate photovoltaic plants – for both commercial and private use. The company is part of the Waxman Group, which was established more than 50 years ago and is now one of the largest independent distribution companies in the United Kingdom & Ireland. Waxman Energy collaborates with global market leaders to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
  Press contact Jemma Walsh Waxman Energy Marketing Coordinator jemma.w@waxmangroup.co.uk Steve Saunders VARTA Storage Key Account Manager Steve.Saunders@varta-storage.com

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