Use more solar energy with VARTA pulse and the solar iboost+ from Marlec

VARTA solar iboost+


The installation of a home battery has many advantages. Because the feed in tariffs are calculated on the basis of an average consumption, it’s always sensible to use as much energy by yourself as possible. The home battery VARTA pulse will store the solar energy for later use, if it isn’t consumed immediately. Energy storage increases your self-consumption, self-sufficiency rate from grid and therefore reduces your energy bill. There are also other ways to store the solar energy, the Solar iBoost+ from Marlec is a water heating device which uses the surplus energy for generating hot water instead of feeding it in the grid. The combination of both, electrical and thermal energy storage, is the best way to save your money!

  The benefits at a glance:
  • Reduced energy bill
  • Green energy is available at any time
  • Lower costs for hot water
  • Higher self-consumption rate
  • Higher self-sufficiency rate from grid
Especially on sunny days, a solar system provides more energy than can be used immediately. In such cases, the surplus will be stored in the VARTA pulse, for later use. But if there is no capacity left, the remaining energy surplus is fed into the public grid. With Feed in Tariffs at their lowest, it’s worth using as much energy as possible by yourself. The coupling of the home battery VARTA pulse with the hot water device solar iboost+ enables a sensible use of this remaining surplus. Both systems work with sensors which are connected to the meter and measure the export energy. If they detect an energy surplus it will be stored in the home battery. If the home battery is fully charged and there is still a surplus it will be used for hot water production. The solar iboost+ releases the equivalent level of energy  to the immersion heater. The VARTA pulse and the solar iboost+ are responding rapidly to the changing import and export levels which are depending on changing weather for generation and household energy consumption variations. It ensures that only export energy will be stored in the home battery or as hot water. The increased self-consumption rate will cut your energy bill and the costs of water heating. The VARTA pulse shows real time production and consumption data as well as historical data in supplied software tools and apps. The solar iboost+ shows real time and historic energy saving figures on its display. It is also possible to set a timer for the solar iboost+ or manually switch on boost mode, to let the hot water production start at a certain point. If the timer is set for the night when there is no solar energy, the remaining energy from the VARTA pulse will be used for hot water production. The installation of both, the VARTA pulse and the solar iboost+, is easy and fast but needs to be done by an installer. The VARTA pulse can be installed by a certified VARTA installer through plug and play. The sensor of the solar iboost+ needs a connection to the meter and communicates wireless with the solar iboost+ to control the hot water production. Click here for more details of our home battery VARTA pulse. More information about the Solar iboost+ can be found here. Both devices can be bought at Waxman Energy Ltd. If you have any questions about our energy storage systems, or want to become an approved installer, visit our website or contact our UK Sales Manager Steve Saunders (, +44 7828 478447). For the latest news follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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