Use more solar energy with VARTA and my-PV

The installation of our energy storage systems has a lot of advantages. By storing energy, it’s not only possible to ensure grid stability but also to increase self-consumption and the rate of self-sufficiency. In order to further optimize self-consumption, we offer the possibility to connect our energy storage systems to various smart home applications. We created an open system so you’re able to choose the applications you want to have. An example for such a smart home application is the smart water heater from my-PV. Especially on sunny days, solar systems produce more energy than can be used at once. If enough capacity is available, the energy surplus can be easily stored in your storage system. Otherwise the surplus may be fed-in to the public grid. Unfortunately the feed-in rate declined constantly during the last years, which is why self-consumption is more profitable. The combination of our energy storage systems with the smart water heater from my-PV encourages ideal usage of this energy. my-PV water heater my-PV water heater If the energy storage system and the smart water heater are connected over the same network, the latter searches automatically for a control unit. Over a web-interface, the control unit can be selected, so it doesn’t matter whether the energy storage systems is controlled directly or over a smart home system. For the energy storage system itself no further settings are necessary. If more energy is provided than consumed, the surplus will be stored in the storage system. When it’s fully charged but the solar system is still providing energy, the smart water heater detects this and uses the energy for hot water preparation. The combination of our storage system and the smart water heater from my-PV allows the use of additional 10 – 20 kWh of the solar energy. For maximum self-consumption there is a continuous regulation from 0 - 3,000 watt. my-PV water heater It’s also possible to heat the water before the energy storage system is charged. Therefore a connection to a smart home system is necessary. This case is especially useful with electrical heaters in order to lower the energy costs. If no energy is provided by the solar system, the stored energy can be used as usual. The advantages at a glance:
  • Higher self-consumption rate
  • Higher self-sufficiency rate
  • Lower costs for hot water
  • Stored energy is available for other purposes
Click here for more information about this partnership. An overview of our energy storage system portfolio can be found here. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: +49 9081 240 86 60. For current news please follow us on Facebook.

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