The calculation tool for energy storage systems.

Our energy storage systems vary not only in the capacity but also in the used technology, the size and the additional features. This allows us to meet the individual requirements of our customers. It’s not important if you live in an apartment building, a house or something bigger or which form of green energy you are using. We developed a calculation tool which helps you to buy an energy storage system which meets your requirements best. You can use it to calculate new systems as well as existing ones. To be able to give you a recommendation we only need some information about your residence, the solar system used and your power demands. With this information we determine with which energy storage system you get the most from your solar system. We also calculate your possible savings and the self-sufficiency and self-consumption rate. Caluclation tool form Calculation tool form The possible savings indicate the amount of energy which doesn’t have to be bought anymore. Depending on your energy cost you can calculate the amount of money you save. The self-sufficiency rate informs you about the consumed solar energy compared to the total annual consumption. The self-consumption rate illustrates the amount of solar energy which can be used yourself. calculation tool result Calculation tool result Your request is non-binding. For a more detailed offer we’re happy to recommend you a competent partner in your area who will help you with the planning, installation and maintenance of the energy storage system. Did we pique your interest? Then please try out our calculation tool. If your requirements are increasing over time then you’re able to expand our energy storage system. For more information click here. For current news please follow us on Facebook.

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