Reduce energy costs with VARTA Storage and Smappee.

Reducing the energy consumption in your home, especially during times of rising electricity prices, is becoming ever more important. But before you can start making decisions on how to manage your energy use and ultimately save money on your bills, the consumption of your individual home appliances must first be recorded. The Smappee home energy monitor can be used for this purpose. Combined with the VARTA energy storage systems, there is enormous potential for saving energy and increasing your self-sufficiency rate. By using an energy storage system, the moment when energy is supplied can be separated from the time that the energy is finally consumed. If the self-produced energy is not used immediately, it will be stored in the energy storage system instead of feeding it into the public grid at a low price. Thus, self-produced energy can be used even at times of the day when the sun is not shining. This increases self-consumption from 30 % up to 80 % and can reduce energy costs. To find an efficient way of distributing this energy it’s helpful to know the energy demand of the individual household devices. That’s where the Smappee energy monitor is used. With a simple sensor clamp on the main line, the household’s appliances are detected by the Smappee energy monitor and their energy consumption is measured. With one click you’re able to see the energy consumption of your devices over the day and begin taking actions to save energy. This can reduce the electricity bill by up to 30 %. Even less intelligent devices without an internet connection can be automated thanks to the detection of the energy status ("on" or "off"). Especially in combination with a source of green energy such as a solar system you can save a lot of energy. The Smappee app makes it possible to control the energy flows in the house and to supply certain consumers only at times of the day, in which the self-produced energy is provided. Whether you use already configured formulas or develop your own is up to you.   Smappee Energy Monitor But what advantage does VARTA and Smappee deliver together? Although Smappee empowers the homeowner to control the energy flows of their individual devices, it’s most efficient for them to use their self-produced energy at its peak generation. In effect, the main period is around lunchtime. However, with our energy storage system, this limitation doesn’t exist anymore. If enough energy has been produced and stored during the day, Smappee can distribute this energy sensibly at any time of the day. And if the storage is fully charged, Smappee forwards the energy directly to devices with a permanently high energy requirement such as freezers. So no green energy will be wasted.   VARTA and Smappee The advantages at a glance
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 30 %
  • Increases self-consumption from 30 % up to 80 %
  • Higher self-sufficiency rate
  • No waste of green energy
Find more information about Smappee here. An overview of all our energy storage systems can be found on our Energy page. For current news, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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