Energy Storage Systems- Key to the energy revolution.

In times of climate change, rising power costs and the desire for greater independence from the power suppliers, Renewable Energy is getting more important for private households. Renewable Energy covers already a third of the power demand in Germany. Private households often use solar energy to produce their own energy. To improve the efficiency and to generate a higher value of the solar system, the installation of an energy storage system could be beneficial. We’ll give you the reasons, why the energy revolution is only possible with energy storage systems. Erneuerbare Energien Renewable Energy in Germany (Source: BMWi (2017)) Energy storage systems are key to the energy revolution. In order to guarantee a stable power supply, the power demand and power supply have to be balanced. But it’s a hard task with renewable energy because the power production depends on different factors like the weather or the amount of daylight. With an energy storage system it’s easier to keep this balance because an energy surplus can be stored. And in times of a higher energy demand than energy production, the energy which was previously stored can be used. This process helps to increase the reliability of suppliers and ensures that the energy demand of every household is covered at any time. Even energy storage systems in private households can contribute. Performance peaks can be balanced to avoid a grid overload and at the same time it reduces the demand for new power lines. Private households benefit especially from an energy storage system. They are critical for a true independence from the power supplier. The peaks of the power production and the power demand are often happening at different times of the day. The power production peak comes at noon whereas the power demand is mainly in the morning and evening hours. In this way you can use only a third of the self-produced energy. Then the bigger part is feed-in to the public grid. When energy is not produced by the system, the demand has to be covered with the more expensive energy from the power supplier. At the same time the feed-in rate declines over time. At the moment you receive12ct/kWh for your energy but have to buy it for 29ct/kWh. So it’s more profitable to use the self-produced energy rather than to sell it. Moreover there are different funding possibilities which support the installation of energy storage systems. In combination with the dropping costs for energy storage systems there is a lot of potential to save money. The following graph shows the typical course of the power production and demand over the day: ENergeispeicher Tagesverlauf The graph shows the mismatch of the power production and demand. With an energy storage system this is no longer a problem. The produced energy over the day is stored and can be used at any time. This increases self-consumption to up to 80%. In combination with an intelligent energy management system self-consumption is even more optimized. Devices like VARTA Splitcore decide when the self-produced energy should be used, when it should be stored or when it’s necessary to obtain energy from the power supplier. This ensures the most efficient and economical use of the self-produced energy. All these benefits are combined in the energy storage system from VARTA. Our All-in-One-Systems are available in different variations which meet your individual requirements in the best way. Even increased requirements are no problem, because our systems can be expanded at any time. If you have further questions, please contact our service team. Find an overview of our products here. For current news please follow us on Facebook.

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