Customized lithium-ion battery packs for mobile devices

CellPac PLUS

CellPac PLUS is our development and production service for customers with the highest standards. With CellPac PLUS, VARTA supports and accompanies the development process of your project from the initial consultation, through planning and production to the end-of-life of your product. Relying on our experience and expertise, together we develop a custom solution in accordance with your ideas for an ideal battery.



  • comprehensive advice and individual support
  • global logistics and worldwide service
  • holistic battery design approach
  • Key customer team
  • authentication, certification
  • 130 years’ experience in the battery industry
  • VARTA Research & Development
  • cell testing
  • all-out project and risk management

Our lithium-ion battery packs for various applications.

VARTA Storage has extensive industry experience in designing powerful and safe customized lithium-ion battery packs.

Comprehensive service and consultation from the initial specification to the production of your battery packs.

The development of an individual energy solution encompasses a number of success-determining factors such as selection of the right cells, mechanical and electrical design, as well as certification and tests.

VARTA Storage takes on the responsibility of supplying the best possible battery for your product within the specified time and budget and supports you during the entire development process.

1. Consulting

VARTA Storage presents services and possible options at the initial consultation. You can discuss your individual requests and the exact requirements for the battery with our experts. With this very first dialogue, we lay the foundations for a long-term and constructive partnership

3. Design, certification, prototyping & test verification

Once approved, the development of the battery begins. Project management carried out in detail guarantees timely implementation. VARTA Storage produces the prototypes of your battery, which are used for test, verification and certification.

5. Quality assurance

Design-in quality. Our experts at VARTA Storage continuously monitor the entire product life cycle to ensure that only products of the highest quality will be delivered.

2. Concept

Based on your needs, we develop a project plan, in which all milestones from development to mass production are recorded. A tailor-made concept that results in a tailor-made solution.

4. Production

After the successful completion of all tests and certifications, we start serial production at one of our production facilities worldwide. Each one fulfills the highest ISO standards to guarantee high-quality production

6. Logistic

Our vast experience, efficiency and highest safety standards help us to meet the challenges of transporting lithium-ion batteries. Our worldwide logistics network guarantees rapid and flexible delivery in combination with your own transportation and storage requirements.

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In the POWER division, VARTA Storage develops rechargeable standard and customized lithium-ion battery packs. Regardless of the technology or the complexity of the objectives, our team offers comprehensive services from design to production for OEM customers.