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What's new at VARTA.

What's new at VARTA.

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Versatile and smart lighting with VARTA’s new Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns

There’s no need to spend balmy evenings at a campsite or in your backyard in complete darkness – because a lantern is not only a practical light source, but also a stylishly designed accessory. VARTA’s new Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns offer practical functions and brighten cozy evenings atmospherically and stylishly. The new Outdoor Ambiance Lantern L10 and L20 models will be available in stores…

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29. септембар 2022
Always ready for peak performance with power and style: VARTA’s Wireless Chargers and High Speed Charger

Whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or laptop, anyone who uses several devices simultaneously also needs to be able to charge them faster and more often. For many people, the demands on the type of power supply depend on the situation. At…

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16. септембар 2022
Now even more cordless power: VARTA’s new Wireless Power Banks

In times of flexible working and “always on” smartphones, power banks have become more or less standard equipment in modern daily life. With VARTA’s new 15,000 and 20,000 mAh Wireless Power Banks, as well as the 10,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank that…

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08. септембар 2022
Elegance meets performance: VARTA’s new Aluminium Lights Pro series

Many things are essential in a well-run household. Alongside classic items like little kitchen gadgets, a trusty flashlight is an underestimated hero. Although a flashlight is typically inconspicuous and overlooked, it can be a very practical helper…

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