Standard and customized lithium-ion battery solutions

Standard and customized lithium-ion battery solutions

In the PowerPack Solutions division, VARTA develops rechargeable standard and customized lithium-ion battery packs. Regardless of the technology or the complexity of the objectives, our team offers comprehensive services from design to production for OEM customers.

Infinite diversity needs infinite creativity

The perfect lithium-ion battery solutions.

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CellPac PLUS

Our specialists ensure that each battery meets the high performance and safety standards of VARTA Storage as well as specific customer requirements.

CellPac PLUS is our development and production service for customers with the highest standards. With CellPac PLUS, VARTA supports and accompanies the development process of your project from the initial consultation, through planning and production to the end-of-life of your product. Relying on our experience and expertise, together we develop a custom solution in accordance with your ideas for an ideal battery.

CellPac BLOX

VARTA Storage provides comprehensive advice on the right choice of your battery solution. CellPac BLOX offers flexibility with a range of semi-customized battery solutions.

CellPac BLOX from VARTA Storage suits customers in need of semi-customization and where design-cycles, engineering costs and time to market are to be minimized. Battery designs are of limited complexity, but available at minimal NRE cost and with minimal development effort.

CellPac LITE

The wide range of our state-of-the-art CellPac LITE battery packs includes batteries with UL 2054 and IEC 62133 certifications, thereby significantly reducing the design-in cost and time-to-market for our customers.

They are made exclusively of cylindrical or prismatic lithium batteries. CellPac LITE power packs are fitted with an electronic protective switch and additional overcurrent protection. They comply with the requirements of UL 1642 safety standard. Customers are provided with a ready-to-use battery solution, including all necessary accessories.

Application Specific Batteries

We offer a broad range of compact battery packs with many added features to provide OEM customers with functions that go beyond mere power supply.

The Application Specific Batteries (ASB) from VARTA are designed for the use in small and medium sized vehicles like AGV’s and forklifts. The Lithium-Ion batteries are modular and expandable and therefore can be adjusted for your application in industries like logistics, agriculture and others. Customers are provided with a ready-to-use battery solution, including all necessary accessories and certifications.

We dedicate our entire competence and many years of experience to the development of your perfect battery solution.

Production know-how

Machines developed in-house, highly automated cell production and profound process, automation and IP know-how.

Know-how in cell chemistry, electronics, and mechanics

Our 40-member development and consulting team has profound experience gained from many years of work and projects of varying magnitude.

Maximum energy density in the smallest possible volume

Even under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, etc., to be used in the most demanding areas, e.g. in medical or automotive fields.

Proximity to the customer through global presence

Production facilities in Indonesia, China and Europe allow customer-oriented production and service.

Testing and certifying cells and their application

Our cells are tested and approved. In all cases application-specific tests can be performed.

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