We minimize to maximize your opportunities.

We minimize to maximize your opportunities.

The CoinPower Generation A4.

Expanding horizons of engineering.

CoinPower A4 Generation

The VARTA CoinPower A4 opens up numerous opportunities for the future development of wireless and mobile devices in a wide range of application areas. From wireless headphones and medical devices through to measurement and safety systems and automotive applications. We manufacture batteries as prototypes or in large series, both as standard versions and in line with customer specifications.

Areas of application


Whether in hearables (e.g. earbuds), fitness tracker, heart rate monitors or health data measuring, our Lithium-Ion button cells are the ideal solution for your customers, giving them more independence on the move. Our concepts for power supply in the headset market, as well as in the sports and fitness sector, stand out thanks to their durability, reliability and innovative possibilities and have been setting standards for years.


There is hardly any other area where absolute reliability is as important as in medical applications. Itis no wonder that more and more customers are relying on our products: insulin pumps, medical dosing systems and health monitoring – these are all areas where our innovations from fully automated production are used. We have therefore become important partners in many areas of medical and are also setting new standards in this field.


Interconnecting devices, machines and sensors globally is no longer a futuristic dream but has long become reality thanks to the "Internet of Things" (IoT). The "Internet of Things" is in the process of revolutionising our daily lives. Precise and reliable energy solutions are essential for the functioning of the growing and increasingly differentiated IoT applications.

Smart Home

Digitalisation is also making strides in the home, opening up a multitude of new, practical possibilities. Devices are connected to the Internet and networked with each other. Locks can also be unlocked, lights turned off and appliances controlled remotely via access controls. This also requires smart energy solutions that can be relied upon.

Automotive Applications

Whether eCall, tracking systems, intelligent keys or toll collect systems - our application possibilities also excel in the automotive sector. They have particularly high temperature stability thanks to their special sealing system, which eliminates any risk to electrical circuits, for example.

What's Next?

Your product category is not included?
Don’t worry. Of course, we cannot predict exactly what technical developments the future will bring, but what we can say for sure is that we will provide the right energy solutions for them. Simply get in touch with us and we will find a solution for your product.

Small cell, big performance

Customised batteries for customised applications

VARTA Microbattery has a complete range of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries  available to meet all these requirements. Numerous other battery configurations with higher voltage or higher capacities are possible. VARTA Microbattery also supplies a large number of different cable and connector designs. Our fast and flexible order production allows us to deliver your individual batteries worldwide at short notice in line with your requirements.


  • Individual battery assembly
  • Global battery design in teams
  • High tech research & development
  • Representative international customer references
  • Worldwide representatives & distributors network

Data matrix code 

Our cells are marked with a 22-digit data matrix code containing information about the production date, the version and the respective production line of our cells. This means that each individual cell can be traced back 100% through its individual data matrix code.

Wherever you are: Our virtual exhibition stand.

Come and visit us wherever and whenever you want, 100% risk-free. Our virtual trade fair exhibit will provide you with all the information you need about the CoinPower Generation A4, its areas of application and exciting milestones in the history of VARTA.

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