The ultra-slim, modular system with state-of-the-art
21700 round cells in the VARTA double module

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The VARTA.wall convinces as a modular, pluggable system with simple installation, without external wiring of the modules and with only 10 cm installation depth. The three available capacities of the VARTA.wall are equipped with the latest 21700 round cells in the VARTA double module.




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Good reasons for VARTA.wall

Ultra slim system with high energy density

The new modular DC high-voltage storage from VARTA is equipped with state-of-the-art 21700 round cells and thanks to the VARTA double module, the storage is the slimmest system on the market with an installation depth of only 10 cm¹, with very high energy density.

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Made in Germany

Developed and produced in Germany: as the only supplier of energy storage devices, VARTA has 130 years of battery expertise as a battery manufacturer.

Easy Installation

Thanks to the simple VARTA plug-in system, the VARTA.wall does not require external wiring of the modules. Installation via app and the integrated WIFI hotspot also ensure simple and quick installation.

Three performance capacity through modular design

The modular, plug-in system is available in 10, 15 and 20 kilowatt-hour system capacities and is retrofittable. Ideal for almost any energy consumption.

Compatible with leading inverter manufacturers

The VARTA.wall is compatible with leading European inverter manufacturers², as well as the associated product range, such as some charging stations.

Highest safety standards

The integrated VARTA battery management system ensures the highest possible safety. During development, VARTA focuses on the highest current safety standards, also through the use of mechanically stable round cells.

1 Based on internal market studies among well-known main providers on the German market (total market share 95%), as of April 2022.
2 SMA, Kostal (1. Half-year 2024)

Technical data

General Data ¹  
Cell type & chemistry 21700 Round cell / Lithium ion (NCA)
Battery module VARTA high voltage module (5 kWh; 50 V; 37 kg)
Warranty 10 years
Installing Plug-in system incl. app commissioning
System DC High Voltage System
Mounting / Installation site Wall / Indoor and garage
Systemdata VARTA.wall 10 VARTA.wall 15 VARTA.wall 20
Number of battery modules 2 3 4
Rated power 5 kW 7,5 kW 10 kW
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm 605 x 1306 x 100 605 x 1752 x 100 605 x 2197 x 100
Weight 87,4 kg 124,4 kg 161,4 kg

1 Preliminary technical data

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The VARTA energy storage systems at a glance

The VARTA energy storage systems as AC all-in-one systems with integrated battery inverter are perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.