Supplier Sustainability Awards 2023

Supplier Sustainability Awards 2023

Honouring sustainable initiatives of VARTA’s suppliers

As an innovator operating in accordance with diverse, social and ecological values, VARTA strives to ensure fair business practices throughout its value chain. VARTA’s ethical working principles stated in our Code of Conduct shaped the corporate sustainability strategy and its related sustainability goals. VARTA’s business activities are based on a complex network of suppliers from whom a wide range of commodities, materials, and services are procured from all over the world. Therefore, your role as a supplier is vital in achieving VARTA’s sustainability targets!

VARTA invites its suppliers from all industries to showcase their remarkable efforts in driving sustainability forward. This is an opportunity to highlight the commitment to environmentally friendly practices, social responsibility, and ethical operations. Presenting the Supplier Sustainability Awards 2023, VARTA aims to recognise and celebrate suppliers who are actively contributing to a more sustainable future. VARTA welcomes a dialogue with its suppliers in order to learn from each other.

2023 Award Winners

Environmental Protection Award: Grillo-Werke AG

Grillo-Werke AG is an important zinc powder supplier for VARTA AG. Grillo-Werke AG systematically monitors climate-relevant emissions along the entire value chain and works continuously to reduce the CO2 footprint of primary zinc. In the past, this has enabled 60% of the CO2 emissions associated with the production of primary products to be saved. Various memberships in national and international initiatives as well as available certifications and ratings further emphasise the company's commitment. Congratulations on winning first place in the VARTA Environmental Protection Award 2023!

Diversity & Social Responsibility Award: IMERYS Graphite & Carbon

IMERYS Graphite & Carbon has been supplying graphite to VARTA AG for several years. IMERYS actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities and thus also contributes to the achievement of the sustainability goals set by VARTA. IMERYS supports the UN Global Compact and the UN Women's Empowerment Principles for advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace. The company has set up a "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programme" for the years 2023-2025 and defined ambitious goals to promote diversity and inclusion. Congratulations on winning first place in the VARTA Diversity & Social Responsibility Award 2023!


VARTA honours the following categories:


Environmental Protection Award

This award is intended to give special recognition to a supplier implementing impactful activities which are leading to the protection of climate and environment on site or in supply chains.

VARTA honours suppliers prioritising ecological aspects such as the preservation of resources at an overall company level. Therefore, innovative energy-saving measures, projects reducing carbon emissions, water management initiatives, employee trainings referring to climate and environmental topics and efficient recycling and waste management concepts are examples of initiatives that would be recognised for the Environmental Protection Award. Further, initiatives aiming at the preservation of biodiversity are eligible for submission.

VARTA encourages suppliers to share details of management systems as part of the application as well as environmental certifications (e.g. ISO 14001, EMAS) and details of relevant sustainability reporting, e.g. in accordance with CDP and TCFD. Targets supporting the presented initiatives set by the applicant, in particular according to an international standard such as SBTi, and the membership in a thematically suitable sector or cross-industry initiative also have an impact on the final score.


Diversity & Social Responsibility Award

The Social Responsibility Award recognises projects or initiatives that contribute to upholding human rights, demonstrating charitable commitment, engaging with NGOs and peers regarding social topics, and implementing due diligence strategies in supply chains. The award also values actions in the field of diversity and inclusion, and encourages submissions on topics such as occupational safety, employee health and well-being.

To be eligible for the award, suppliers are invited to share information on their initiatives regarding social responsibility. Examples for submissions might be project including initiatives for increasing diversity and encouraging equal opportunities. Possible projects might include the promotion of inclusion of the LGBTQIA* community and/or other minority groups in the workforce and beyond, as well as initiatives to enhance gender parity in the workforce. Submissions can further include details on engagement regarding diversity, such as diversity councils, networking groups, and mentorship programs to foster an inclusive environment.

VARTA encourages suppliers to share details of management systems as part of the application as well as certifications or audits suitable for the submitted projects (e.g. ISO 45001,  amfori BSCI, diversity audit, responsible sourcing audit). Set targets supporting such initiatives and memberships in a thematically suitable internal or cross-industry initiative will impact the final score.

Goal 1:
Shaping the future

Goal 2:
Sincere responsibility for people

Goal 3:
Diversity and equal opportunities 

Goal 4:
Sincere responsibility for the planet

Goal 5:
Striving for energy-efficiency

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